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Expose young minds to the power of science

We provide access to hands-on science experiences that ignite a spark in students, build connections and positively impact their attitudes toward science.

Our partners and programs include:

Kids’ Day

What began as an average "Take Your Child to Work" day is now an interactive, highly innovative science "school," involving hundreds of students’ aged 5-18 years.

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Regeneron DNA Learning Center

The Regeneron DNA Learning Center (DNALC), a program of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, includes two state-of-the-art laboratory classrooms where visiting middle- and high-school students receive hands-on biotechnology instruction delivered by educators and Ph.D. biologists.

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Since 2008, the BioBus, through its research-grade mobile science laboratory, has brought hands-on experiences to more than 300,000 students of all ages. Regeneron's support has enabled more than 11,000 students to receive more than 9,100 instructional hours through nearly 100 visits to underserved schools in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region of New York.

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